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Genem Photography is a site about, and you guessed it right, photography. You can find my portfolio of photos taken by a hobby photographer from here, which consists of pictures of people, nature, city, events, animals, and moments from traveling. The aim is to capture memories. Is it about a person who achieved something great, or a thing that has a special meaning behind it, or some other achievements to recall for the memories? Of course, there can be other photos that have just come outright. But my main aim is to collect visual memories, what inspires and makes faces smile.

Genem Photography isn’t just a site with a portfolio; it also has a blog section. From there, you can find a piece of advice that makes your photos look more professional. Different how-to guides, tips about skills, picking up the right equipment, reviews, and editing tutorials. Photographing is one big area with various aspects to learn. The aim is to learn about it deeply and become a person who knows how to make beautiful photos with a meaning behind them. I am excited, and I want to share my learning process with you. Find out what I am blogging about in the blog section!

I still consider myself a beginner with the dedication to learn more about the subject and become a kind of expert in the field. My mission is not just to take random photos but to capture meaningful memories. Is it about somebody else or achievement related to me? That’s why my motto is to make #VisualsForMemories.

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