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Starting a photography blog – Why do you need it?

    photography blog

    Blogging takes time, but it’s essential to have a blog almost on every site. There will be so many advantages, starting with your progress to engaging more audiences. A photography blog is no exception, you need to have it to build your site as a business (or just to raise brand awareness). How can a photography blog section boost your site, grow your audience, and why do you even need that extra work? Let’s find out!

    helps you to grow while learning new skills

    First of all, content writing needs a lot of research to write about relevant topics. As a starting photographer, you don’t have the wisdom of years to write with your head and practices. The best and easiest way to improve the theoretical and base core of photography is through Google search. Where all newbies are raised. The only problem with Google is that there is too much information. One of the hell tasks is to find the important knowledge from all the data. 

    Finding the most important and writing it down will help you to grow in certain topics. Your head is not a trash bin to remember everything. You need to use a computer to write down golden nuggets. So why not blog about these topics.

    Monitors your progress

    As the years pass by, It’s great to look back and see where you started. How much you have progressed during the years. How your knowledge has improved. Overall to see the evolution of you as a photographer. 

    Seeing yourself growing is the thing that makes you happy and gives extra motivation to move forward. What seemed impossible before is now done without even thinking about it. You are more sure that all the challenges in the future will be crushed!

    Builds your audience

    bigger audience
    Builds your audience

    Your audience will get to know you better as a person when you have a photography blog. There is a saying that one picture says more than a thousand words, but what you actually can say about a photographer, when on the site is only filled by photos. 

    With content, you will show your expertise with different topics. Your credibility will raise. Also, you keep the audience’s attention longer to your brand, well because it takes more time to read an article than just looking at pictures. 

    Giving out extra knowledge will also raise your value and people’s trust. Your brand awareness not only depends on your photos but also additionally on quality content.

    Better storyteller

    A photo has an extra value when there is a story behind it. Everybody doesn’t think or see things the same way as you. Maybe they don’t get a point about the photo, or why the composition is that way. As you already have grown as an experienced content writer, you have also improved as a storyteller. 

    Just by the unique story behind the photo, you will take your photography to the next level.

    Opens doors for new opportunities

    Building your audience also leads to new opportunities. Someone finds your work inspiring and wants to cooperate with you. Or some brands find that you have an influential voice in a certain topic, so they want to start work with you. The more reach you have, the more doors will be opened. It’s a numbers game.

    inspire others to learn more or kick-start with their adventure

    It always feels great when somebody is inspired by your work, and you have influenced them in some way. Like someone who also had a dream to be a photographer without any skills, but wasn’t sure about how to start. You gave that person a kick-start to pursue their dream. Because as yourself, you have to start somewhere without any expertise in photography. It needs some discipline and consistency to thrive through that progress, even when you feel down.

    It helps to build SEO and gets you more organic traffic 

    builds seo
    Build organic traffic

    The more you dive into the web world, the more you understand the importance of SEO. It means search engine optimization. The whole big SEO process end goal is to be on the top of the Google Search page. It’s a whole new area to understand it fully and I recommend Google SEO to get to know more about it.

    Being on the first page in Google means more traffic to your website. More eye pairs to your photography, more potential customers, more fans. Having a photography blog is a great tool to rank your site on Google search pages. People are asking questions about topics and you are giving them answers. 

    makes you look more professional

    With photography blogs, you show your expertise in different topics. Like when you are focused on landscape photography, then you can give tips about what lens to use, what are the best cameras for landscape, or about compositions. By sharing your knowledge, you will gain more credibility as an expert in your area.

    showcase your work

    Blog content is also a place where you can add photos in-between texts. That can be a place to show your work. Maybe people find your photography page, because of the content they were searching for. They can also be amazed by photos and they want to subscribe to your email newsletter list. (read more about email marketing). Again, blogs can be extension tools to showcase your photography, courses, programs, or whatever your business aim is.

    Photography blog posts are easy to share on social media

    sharing on social media
    Blog posts are easy to share on social channels

    As a photographer, you probably don’t want your photos to be easily shared or downloaded. Because of authority theft. However, blog posts are a thing you want to share everywhere. Luckily it’s easy to share your content on social media. Your blog gains more impressions and there is a high possibility that a new audience finds your site inspiring. Again it’s a numbers game.

    A Photography blog is a low-cost marketing 

    Marketing is pretty expensive. As a starting photographer, you will be frightened after inquiring from a marketing company. The price is too over the budget.

    However, a photography blog is also a tool for marketing. As previously mentioned, then it’s possible to rank high in the number one search engine, Google. It won’t be an overnight success, but putting down some effort and consistency to learn about SEO, later it will turn out profitable in the long-run.  


    Running a photography blog is a long process. It will take time to see wins through blogging. The key for any successful business and your photography blog is consistent hard work. If you are continuing weeks, months without any traffic growth, but happy with your process. Then in some unexpected time, it will start growing and you can taste the success. Be the one, who doesn’t give up!

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