overexposed sky
How to Avoid Overexposed Sky in Photography: 9 Simple Tips

Have you had a moment, where you look at your perfectly captured photo and the only thing that has ruined the image is the overexposed sky. That happens pretty often, isn’t it? This is the kind of p…

Low Light Photography without a flash
Low Light Photography Without Flash: 10 Tips For Quality Images

In photography there are several aspects that affect the quality of the image. One of them is shooting with a low light. The problem isn’t that it’s the wrong time to take pictures, but  more…

Basic photography skills to learn
Basic Photography Skills To Learn as a Beginner

Starting as a beginner to be a successful photographer is a long-process. The learning starts with mastering essential photography skills like camera handling, shooting photos in the right composition…

Canon m50 review
Canon M50 Review: Quick Guide For Your First Camera

Canon EOS M50 is a perfect camera for the beginners. From quick review you will find main specs, about performance, and how it works in both photography and videos.

Starting with a photography blog
Starting a photography blog – Why do you need it?

How can a photography blog section boost your site, grow your audience, and why do you even need that extra work?